Why another Excel site?

This web site was made specially for Turkish students and provides specific features like the translation of Excel and business terms from English into Turkish. Indeed, I noticed that the language barrier was sometimes a problem, more than understanding the actual Excel concepts.

These translations are accessible in a very simple way: simply position the mouse over a key word (keywords are displayed on grey background) and a small pop-up will give the translation. You do not even need to click! However, if you do click, a short definition of the term will be provided in English and also in Turkish when possible (I will need your help for this one big grin ).

In this site,  you will not only find Excel course notes, many examples and exercises in a business context, but also many flash demos showing you how to solve the exercises. An advice to my students though: watching the demo is not enough, you need to actually do the execises yourself to fully understand and learn. Only practice makes you perfect!

Whether you like (or do not like) this site, your feedback is important to me, as well as any suggestions, ideas and topics that you would like to see here.  Any relevant examples you want to share are also welcome.

Kind regards,

Excel Hocam