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You are a Turkish student learning Microsoft Excel? Here you will find:

  • Microsoft Excel lessons, demos and exercises for self-study at your own pace
  • English to Turkish translations for Microsoft Excel and business terms <here>
  • Microsoft Excel Functions and their equivalent in English and Turkish <here>

This is totally free!!! Check out the resources below...

Your very first steps in Microsoft Excel, with definitions, exercises, demos... This course covers the Excel contents of course CAA123 (ex CTP193), which is also a preparation for the ECDL (or ICDL), the European Computer Driving License, an internationally recognized certification for your computer skills.

After the basics, you are ready to move on to some more complex and useful aspects of Microsoft Excel. This course covers the first part of CAA223, which is also a good preparation for the ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets, an internationally recognized certification of your Excel skills.

Translation and definition of important Microsoft Excel or Business terms. Position the mouse on the words with a grey background for immediate translation, click to get its definition (in English and most of the time in Turkish too). Turkish Flag A quick reference for all Microsoft Excel functions, in English and its equivalent in Turkish, with a short explanation.

More Microsoft Excel training resources to come...

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